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GBS uniquely combines the skillsets of a limited number of qualifed Land Based teams with that of specialized RAS aquaculture operators. The pairing of the two will enable GRB to design, build and operate a best in class ESG friendly facility. The GBS team has identi!ed and acquired an ideal location and is working with engineering and environmental firms to complete the various tasks required to ensure the careful planning of a project of this type.

More than 30 years of experience in fish farming including salmon hatchery and grow out operations

  • Built and managed  land-based and marine salmon operations including various RAS systems
  • Launched and grew a small, regional fish brand into a multi-million national brand with distribution to all major retain accounts including Walmart, Costco and Loblaws


GBS is planning an ESG friendly land based,  facility which helps build and maintain a sustainable aquaculture food source.

Different from sea-based facilities world-wide, the project’s benefits include: (i) no impact on other species, (ii) no untreated waste, (iii) no organic buildup, and (iv) a reduced carbon footprint through proximity to high demand regions.

GBS utilizes a Recirculating Aquaculture System (“RAS”) that recycles 99.98% of water and has a built-in water treatment center. This design enables a clean, energy-efficient process that provides a consistent non-GMO product to the market.

The combination of GBS’s design and unique management vision and experience is ready to deliver a smart, sustainable and efficient RAS-based platform that can produce up to 15,000 metric tons of Atlantic Salmon per year at full capacity. The design technology not only saves time and expenses – it also helps spare the oceans and ensures fresh, healthy and clean production.

RAS Technology Advantages

  • The advanced proprietary Minimal Liquid Discharge (MLD) technology utilizes several water treatment patents and filtering techniques to cut water consumption
  •  Full parameter monitoring and control allow for enhanced efficiency and productivity, resulting in a higher-quality fish and all year-round harvest that you can plan.
  • Closed containment systems to keep a secure environment and allow full control of the facility. This reduces risks for disease and contamination and produces healthier fish without using chemicals.
  • Efficient power management, dramatically reducing costs of energy
  • Strict biosecurity protocols and complete environmental control enable elimination of antibiotics and chemicals in the process and high survival rates
  • Advanced feeding management system – enable reduction of the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) and operational costs
  • Unconstrained by location and climate, our operational installations are adaptive and can be set up close to markets, substantially reducing transportation costs and quickly connecting between water and plate.

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce CO2 footprint: Located close to one of the world’s strongest markets for salmon which results in short transportation to end consumers and a reduced CO2 footprint
  • No impact on other species: No impact on wild salmon or other species
  • No untreated waste: No untreated waste returning to the water source
  • No organic buildup: No organic buildup or negative impact on the surrounding environment
  • Global warming: No impact from global warming or changes in weather conditions
  • Supportive of environmental groups vs. traditional salmon farming
  • Strong support from the federal government


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